Dirty Frank
by Pearl Jam

Dirty Frank Dahmer, he's a gourmet cook, yeah
Got a recipe for Anglo-Saxon soup, yeah
Wanted a pass, so she relaxed
Now that little groupie's gettin chopped up in the back, oh

Got a cupboard full of fleshy fresh ingredients
Very careful, at the same time quiet expedient
Eats meat, a release
Bus drivin's harder on your head than on your feet

Dirty Frank, Dirty Frank, yeah, Dirty Frank, Dirty Frank, yeah yeah

Keeps it clean, he keeps it copaseptic
The little boys and girls, their heads are all collected
Not crazy, per se
Just a little strange when he gets hungry

City, state, your town he will continue
Stadiums, tiny clubs, every venue
His bus, your trust
There goes another turnin to crust

Dirty Frank, Dirty Frank, yeah, Dirty Frank, oh, Dirty Frank yeah yeah

Oh, middle of the night, we stopped, the freeway shoulder
Frank's shovelin to bury the leftovers
They're sunk, he's drunk
Now he's gonna drive, I'm hidin in my bunk, oh

The band all know, we're too afraid to mention
Don't wanna be a part of Frank's luncheon
Lose weight, be safe
Where's Mike McCready, my god, he's been ate

Dirty Frank, Dirty Frank yeah, Dirty Frank, Dirty Frank yeah yeah

Now that Dirty Frank was a bad mother...
Shut your mouth!
Hey man, I'm just talkin about Dirty Frank
Lyrics submitted by William.