by Mark Ronson

(feat. Saigon)

See john was a diduntdidunt, know what im sayin?
My man john was a fuckin diduntdidunt, holla
You know u got them diduntdidunt niggas in the hood, know'm sayin...
Guys that don't mean nothin to nobody...
Fuckin mothers don't even like them...

In junior high, i knew this kid named John
One day john started thinkin he could rhyme
He used to see me battin' niggas one at a time
So he figured he test his skills against mine
He came up to me one day and said "hey"
Niggas saying you mean law, spit sixteen [sai] Gon"
I said, "no pa, im good"
He said "well imma spit some shit then
You know, rap for my hood
"Checkit, we ride drops, we pop mad shots
We even got 20 inch rims on the yacht"
I told him to stop, the nigga aint listen he kept goin
So i punched dook in his mouth while he was flowin'
He got up of the ground and said "why did ya hit me?"
"Yous a diduntdidunt, heres a shot to the kidney"
The mike tyson of this rap shit
I even got a speech impediment
"Fuckin' lil bam-dit
Thats my word man, any fuckin rapper man
I'll eat his fuckin children man bring him to me man"

You're a DiduntDidunt
Rappin bout ya gun and ya blunt
A DiduntDidunt
To you it aint nothin to front
You a DiduntDidunt
A pussy that always talk about pussy
When the pussy prolly ain't had none in a month
You a DiduntDidunt
Man, i dun been where you from
A DiduntDidunt
You ain't come up in the slum
You a DiduntDidunt
Act like you want beef, i'll knock out ya teeth
And you'll be literally bumpin ya gums

See back in the day, i knew a kid named Ray
He was kind of sweet, so niggas thought he was gay
Everyday, little ray would come around the way
And try to shoot hoops but dudes wouldn't let him play
I remember it was like the third week of May
Ray came through just like any other day
But on this particular day he had somethin to say
Like if he couldn't play then niggas would have to pay
And me being, the man that I am
Threw the ball at him and told a nigga to scram
He reached into the pocket of the jacket he was wearin'
Pulled out a Jimmy no bigger than his hand
He said "Fuck you Sai" and popped one in the sky
Just started to cry like "Somebody goin' die"
I'm like "bitch give me this gun" fuckin' punk (put it down ray)
Ray you ain't a thug, you a didunt didunt

I've been all over the U.S. of A
Out west with Ronson, down south with Shey (hey!)
And one thing i see, everywhere that i be
Is a Didunt-didunt,
I've been on the bottom, been on the top
Been in the club and been on the block
The one thing i see, everywhere that i be
Is (what?), is a Didunt-Didunt

So if you a punk, then say you a punk
Type of nigga that get knocked out and say you was drunk
I don't play dat, niggas stay beefin on hate that
See them in the street, and like Pat, they dont Say jack (Pat Sajack)
My name is Saigon, i dare a rapper to say that
I ain't gonna run in the booth, and give payback
Im gonna catch you while you eatin lunch
Catch you with a sucker-punch
(Like umph) Take that fuckin diduntdidunt

Don't get the "Diduntdidunt" stamped on your forehead
Don't be like John or Ray, if you like John or Ray stay the
Fuck out of my way, ya heard?, Saigon, brratt, 2010 bitch.
Lyrics submitted by shane cleveland.