Did It Again
by Shakira

First floor(ugh) Room 16(ugh)
Smells like danger(lets go)
Even better(lets go)

Set your goals(ugh)
Bless your souls (lets go)
I'm in trouble (yes i know)
But it feels like Heaven (HEY!)

You were like one of those guys
That kind with the wondering eyes
But i said, "Hey what the hell?
Once in my life i'll take a ride
on the wild side,You were so fool
of your self.
But damn were you cute as well
You like my legs, i liked your moves
Any one can tell but its hard to deny that.

Did it again,Love I got it all wrong
But it felt so right I can't believe it
And all the mistakes went out for so long
Wish their was a way i could delete it.

(Ugh,ugh,ugh,ugh) 2x's

Second night(ugh) in a row(ugh)
Back in trouble (lets go)
I don't get it,gotta keep it down (ugh)
It's logical(ugh) but we ignore it (yes i know)
Cause it's getting better (HEY!)

When it comes to men it's known
That i am the choosing one(hey)
Cause i always trip and fall the same old
and repeat and go back.
How blind a girl can be,to miss you hide
your ring(hey) tought about everything(hey)
I'm so naive i've shoulda known that (hey)


When it seems to you i'm at a place
where i'm loosing a direction of my life
But i'm sure that this is nothing but a phase,
Right back at ya, cause i'll survive (2x's)

Did it again now i got it all wronnngg..
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