Death to All But Metal
by Steel Panther


Fuck the Goo Goo Dolls.
They can suck my balls.
They look like the dogs
That hang out at the mall.
Eminem can suck it.
So can Dr. Dre.
They can suck each other
Just because they're gay.
They can suck a dick.
They can lick a sack.
Everybody shout
[Death to All but Metal!] x 3

Death to Papa Roach;
Blink 182.
All those fucking pussies
Sound like Doggy too.
Wearing baggy pants.
Spiking up they're hair.
The nut with the crust
On my underwear.
Where is Def Leppard?
Where is Motley Crue?
Why do all my lyrics
Sound like Dr. Seuss?
[Death to All but Metal] x 3

Kill those fucking fuck heads
Who program M.T.V.
They can suck my ass with
All the record companies.

Death to Brittany Spears.
Kill the little slut.
Kill Madona too and then
Fuck her in the butt.
Fuck Mariah Carey
Death to Cheryl Crowe.
They can kiss each other
On the Camel Toe.
50 Cents' a fag.
So is Kanye West.
Shooting hot sperm
On each others' chest.
[Death to All but Metal]
Lyrics submitted by corey riegle.