Days Like These
by Janis Ian

On days like these
When the rains won't fall
And the sky is so dry
That even birds can't call

I can feel your tears
Disappearing in the air
Carried on the breeze
On days like these

It's years like these
That make a young man old
Bend his back against the promises
That life should hold

They can make him wise
They can drive him to his knees
An' nothing comes for free
On days like these

But you can't reap what you don't sow
And you can't plant on hallow ground
So let us fill this empty earth with hope
Til the rains come down

In lives like these
Where every moment counts
I add up all the things
That I can live without

When the one thing left
Is the blessing of my dreams
I can make my peace
Yes, I can make my peace
I can make my peace
With days like these
Lyrics submitted by KATRINA.