Dancin' for the Groceries
by Kenny Chesney

She's thinking about what her kids are doing
five miles away it's almost time for bed. Thier brushing teeth and hearing one more story.
and in the mirror she paints her lips bright red
She wishes she could call and say she loves them
but the boss man says no calls go out or in
so she puts on a dress that might feel pretty, if she didn't have to take it off again.


She's dancing for the groceries
She's dancing for the rent
She's dancing for the credit card, she's already spent
In sequence and in laces she's dancing for the braces so the kids can have a perfect smile, someday
Smiling while she dances is the price she has to pay

They tell her in this job there is no future, so get while you can 'cause looks don't last
There's money in those pockets for the taking and if you do it right it makes the time go fast
The musics loud the drinks are mostly water
What her name is tonight she cant recall.
Businessmen stare at the single mother
Whose smiling while she's staring at the wall.

Repeat Chorus

Someday she'll have a house out in the country
Someday she'll see the other side of dawn.
And no one will ever know what it was she did before.
She just heard the D.J. say your on.
and the lights come up and play her song....

Repeat Chorus
Smiling while she dances
smiling while she dances

is the price she has to pay

Dancing for the groceries..
is the price she has to pay

Dancing for groceries
thats the price she has to pay.
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