Cuddle Up [Radio Edit]
by Pretty Ricky

ooooooo op
lets not make love(make love)
lets just cuddle up
take me in your
and squeeze
me tighter

{verse 1}
I love it when
u next to me got
me meltin like
butta from your body heat
Spetac got da recipe
Im'ma make ya moan
girl with the best of
me you special one of the
kind hit the light
switchin know that ass
fine when im with
you my phone known
you homie spendin cutie
girl its all about you
aint no limit to the 4 play
im'ma make u feel good
in the right way(oh)
get nasty buck is an
ice im'ma do it slow make
u feel nice in my
arms cuddled up
Sex so good make
u forget it all
pretty ricky in the
case of romance
we aint so we cant
see your plans its


My baby dont wanna agree
with me cause she wanna
sleep i hit the club on the
late night creep where
the ballas be come to my
house or just follow me
to the hotel suite just
chill n relaz and we
aint really really gotta
have sex let a
bluestar hold u girl
gotta lot of nice thangs i
wanna show u girl
Picky Puerto Rican
Lets 24 hours or me
u just freaky its all
game to chill wit my
cutie my cutie is all my
dutie just chill n relax relax
relax relax.


All i need is love
All i want is love
i dont need the big
wedding or the
wedding ringsBoy i made the
cast who made a fan
if u love me unconditionally

We aint gotta make
love tonight lets just
(cuddle up baby)
(cuddle up baby)
Hold u tight in my arms
still as(cuddle up baby cuddle up baby)
u make me feel so warm when
we(cuddle up baby,cuddle up baby)
Whats the name of this song ladies
cuddle up baby, cuddle up baby

(chorus x 2)

oooo op
Lyrics submitted by dionna.