Cry on My Shoulder
by Dan Schaefer

when you find yourself alone on one more rainy night
tearing at the walls of solitude
when it seems that no one cares if you should live or die
i will come to your rescue

when your mind is lost in dark and endless reverie
and hope, like grains of sand, slips through your hands
when your spirit's broken, know that you can run to me
i'll be here and i will understand

you cry on my shoulder 'til your eyes are dry
cry on my shoulder, baby anytime

when you're staring in the face of all your deepest fears
and feel like you've been left to die alone
when you're searching for a place to shed your silent tears
here with me you'll always find a home

(repeat chorus)

i am here to hold you
i am who i am
i am the one who's always loved you

cry on my shoulder

(repeat chorus to fade)
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