by New Boyz

New Boyz....Legacy
I remamba when Pharrel used to rock da tight jeanz wit ice creamz while ridin a skateboard it wuz like sight seein' to lamez who was afraid of change if my middle finger could speak den i say da same man, i state ma name call me legacy bitch mr sweethearts a.k.a let me see tits doin too much like a marvel backflip jeanz stay skinny like i starve my fabric where da haters at heller i found u no i dont give an F-word about u i do me leave us alone y dont u do u and go hump a clone, get it? Aye, another damn thing you'll neva see me care about anotha man's jeanz like i dont even know like all through the year seem like everywhere i go da onlii thing dat i hear is...
Da Da Da Da New Boyz
Da Da Da Da Tight Jeanz
Da Da Da Da New Boyz
Da Da Da Da Tight Jeanz
OMG y dey jeanz so tight
O my, OMG y dey jeanz so tight
like yea i rock skinniez, yea i rock, yea i yea i rock skinniez(so wat) yea i rock, yea i yea i rock skinnies(so wat) yea i rock yea i yea i rock skinniez if u got sumthin 2 say den plz step up, up,up,up
(Ben J)
Luk i scoot back lemme give yall yall shine u get money best believe imma get mine I see haterz and im lookin at dem like please let me breathe why yall ni66az hatin on ma skiiny jeanz fresh kicks like a full kind magician he must be missin the simple fact imma get it u aint wit it nike clothing outfits you like this brotherz actin stiff like cactus they comin up far but dey soft like fabric, lyin sayin dey da best like khaled they chose me itz obvious im meant 4 da best skinny jeanz sag low and i know yall know da rest im ben j bro why dese dudez wuna trip even though i like to flash get it jerkin in ma kicks ima just keep it straight like no one elso bright colorz is here new boyz is near HA!!

1 verse 1 hurse
get tighter as the ghost of mike rises tight jeanz na ni66a i dont get hyphy
so u think u can dance in those fake nikes lock low thats dowl low Ron Isley
I been icy since minute maid mede hiC tell me she diamonds the fame will blind ya and bitch im fuckin blind and
see no evil below the zeroes more fun 2 free throw house got da strip pole leave ya jeanz at da door gir;z wit da speedosim grown i dont do those new boyz wit new dough otha ni66az brunos homiez wit homoz im young money squad up GD copo i get dem cheese after cheese no nachoes Tyga man tatted like vatos Da Da Da Da
Dey like cricketz 2 me
Lyrics submitted by Aaliyah.