by Lil' Boosie

and lately i been so confused dropped out of school got in beef got in to em now im readii to chop the crew been talkiin to the devil its whatever with lil boosie you aiin't heard i was raised by some hard heads they locked up or they all died spoon feed or dog feed we untamed that soft plead..and everybody changin "trippiin all of sudden"aiin't askin how im feeliin they just askiin me for 3 years they talked about me credasize me and laughed at me called me mocajoke i had lil boosie finna stop rappin' im still so confused got bread n still aiint happy im lost with out picturein Lil Ivy mii fuqqin daddy Trell tell me bout dis hoe rite here. Is dis just a hoe rite here/ will she keep it guttah if a niggah gne joke dis year. dat purp is wut we smoke dis year blwoin up mii razor im finna show dese niggahs dat BOOSIE real. dey hatin cuz i shake dat. brand new monte take dat real spinners on wuteva dey wnat ima pay dat i got it so i lay back.
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