Come Here
by J. Holiday

J Holiday
Come here
ooh ooh
Holiday uh huh
Platinum Brother
Hey girl how you doing
What your name is looking like a model
Of somebody famous
Where's that nigga that you came with
If you here alone baby we gone have to change this (change this)
Cause you sexy than a mothafucka(mothafucka)
To get to know you girl i'd really love to tonight
Get to show you a good time and get it cracking with a slow grind
Damn shorty you look sexy as hell
And now grinding you dont know what it does to me
i'll put my head right here grab your booty right there
Baby dont be scared come on
Come here come here
I know you wanna come closer
Come here come here
I want you closer and closer
Verse 2:
Got me feeling this as were bumping and
Grinding on some R.kelly shit and i'm feeling good
Cause you breaking it down like you dont know
Who your really messing with
Ah Ah Ah
I wanna pull you closer to me
Ah Ah Ah
Put my hands on your booty
I wanna show you a good time
And pop it off with a show grind
This is for all my sexy ladies i've been watching
You baby and i really wanna dance with you
And you
And you
And you too
So many here for me to choose from
It's hard for me to choose one
You dont know what it does to me
But i choose you baby
You baby
oooooh baby
aaaaaah baby come on
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