Colder Blood
by The Jacka

The Jacka
we mafia got the streets crazy
this that mob shit clap every nigga hatin
ceilin birdies up send em off on vacation
niggas know what up fuck wit us kuz we cakin up
never woulda i thought that i eva wuda made it but
make hella paper all i eva do is save it up
remember when they raided us
hit the back gate heard ya girl so i waited up
bust a couple shots out my thang then i caught a bus
bought the shit call my nigs up they was in the west
p-world we was livin in
that was fun i was on the run from the man
they caught me up i beat the case
cause the rat was dead i got the last laugh
but they was laughin then
some times i blast past memory lane
i was kid when i entered the game
and its dope cause everybody still remember my name

its just the way that it is this game can be so cold
so if you wana make it out here you gota have colder blood
they wana take the food from my kids and to me thats just so cold
so if im gonna make it out here i gota have colder blood

Peruvian Flake told em i give my life for it
im gota see a million dollas before the feds destroy it
as the world turns and the purp burns
niggas is broke cuz broke niggas neva learn
i learned how to earn and wait my turn
see a nigga now i got money to burn
threw a stack to the lawyer now the hearings adjourned
not not not guilty yall got to feel me
pray for me for niggas tryin to steal me
i get dat real d from da migos
where if you dont pay back they shootin through ya people
long as you dont get caught homicide is legal
im tryin change cause the game drain me like a needle
stay with a weapon so niggas know im lethal
gota get my money broke niggas neva equal
my last bitch blew up on a nigga like C4
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