Click Click Click
by New Kids on the Block

I am patiently waiting on you to get dressed girl,
I’m gonna sit here, while you put your face on, playing with your make up on
Damn you look so good it hurts me, the design of your body is perfect, oh,oh,oh,oh(oh,oh,oh,oh,yeah)
I don't deserve you girl.

And I’m like stop; (stop) let me take a mental shot of this moment (take a mental shot) (yeah)
Ooooh baby drop, drop everything you're doing right now and just hold it (hold it)
click, click, click
pose for me, pose for me,(I know you want to)
come on and pose for me, pose for me(my camera loves you girl)

You are fashion, the latest styles on the scene girl I mean it (mean it, mean it)
I am reacting (reacting), losing the cool in my knees and I’m fining, (fining for you)
and girl(and girl) every time I click I go crazy, you got the lens on my camera saying oh,oh,oh,oh(oh,oh,oh,oh,yeah)
I don't deserve you girl... (yeah)

Repeat chorus:

Click click click with my Nuka, click like my Sony, girl I ain't no phony, you know you the only one that I dream for one I pull the cream for, I take a shot of the hottie that I fin for, so make a pose for me, take off your clothes for me, cause you and me is the way it's supposed to be, yeah ma let me lay you on the sofa, slide a little closer, fly you to the coast of Jamaica, take a shot of you on the beach, click, click, click, flash wind and release, In your summer dress, wanna be what's beneath it, and tell you girl that we got our own little secret.

Repeat chorus:
Lyrics submitted by Megan.