Chill Out
by Lil' Boosie

Lil' boosie bad ass
A lot of these niggas ain't ready ta be no gangsta
So my word of advice to y'all niggas, chill out

Nobody hate me cause they love me.
They know I'm thuggin'
I ain't backin' down from nothin'
I ain't stuntin' (patna).
I'm from a real street whid real heat called G street,
Cross the trap we fifty deep how the thugs greet.
Bein niggas from fat, skinny,
Ta thin niggas chill out for you be up in that jail house
Mamas ain't bring us up to be no gangstas,
The hood got us all with anger hood got us all in pain.
Niggas throwed on every coner bottle after bottle,
Another kidney gettin' weak, from every swallow.
Thought he was gon' kill one when he bust that choppa.
He let it off and killed wohty, and all his patnas.
Now he locked up in a 6 man cell (gettin' fucked).
When he touch down he a straight up gal.
Wan be a husla ain't even got no street since.
You don't deserve it anyway.
Ain't from that dirty anyway

It's to late to be the dope man (chill out)
Hoes love you till you broke man (chill out)
Watch ya friends real close man (chill out)
They give you life up in court lil' nigga chill out
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