Chili Sauce
by The Time

Waiter: ah good evening Mr. Day... 2 for dinner?
Morris: yes give us one of those little sexy tables in the back
Waiter: I'm sorry sir those are all taken
Morris: Jerome
*jacks waiter up*
Waiter: I... think maybe... we... can... arrange... it...Mr. Day....
Morris: thank you so much
Date: oh Morris was that necessary?
Morris: Jerome
Date: okay okay I'm sorry
Waiter: right this way sir

Morris: you know this is an exciting establishment you have here
Waiter: what I wouldn't give for a broken bottle
Morris: i can't hear you what you say
Waiter: i said yes we're remodeling
Morris: mmm hhmmm
Waiter: cocktails before dinner?
Morris: yes 2 pina coladas
Date: make mine a virgin
Waiter: ok will you be having a virgin as well?
Morris: yes for dessert
Waiter: sir I'm afraid i don't get it
Morris: say do you know how to do the walk
Waiter: why certainly everyone can do the walk
Morris: well honey why don't you just walk your ass to the other side of the room

Morris: ah my dear its rough at the top
Jerome get your pad and pencil i think its gonna be kinda right
if my judge of character is correct
now stop me when i get to seventeen
excuse me baby
i bet you didn't know i had a piece of this restaurant did you
but it looks like I'm going to have to buy the whole thing and fire that man
may i taste that
slurp burp
excuse me that's kinda weak here try mine
Date: sip... cough cough cough good...GOD
Morris: you know they say that saliva is an aphrodisiac
Date: excuse me
Morris: you look so lovely tonight
Date: why thank you
Morris: probably even better under exotic red lights

i wish you could see my home its so so exciting
in my bedroom i have brass waterbed
Date: really
Morris: mm hhhm
just surrounded by plants and lights and shit and all kinds of little erotic artifacts
you can have breakfast in bed
Date: oh
Morris: i have an Italian cook Jerome sagarachi or something like that
its funny your eyes when you stare at me like that it causes my my stomach to quiver
oh lord

do you like diamonds
Date: mmm hmmm
Morris: yea
Date: yea
Morris: i know its rather masculine but try this one on
my god darling it fits
you must have strong hands
but they're so soft
like the oils in my morning bath, somebody help me

Date: yes
im not usually so forward but would you like to make love to me, i could make it so nice
do you know what is meant by the words i hate to use them they're so harsh American
know i mean and yet on the other hand they're exciting words
the words
chilli sauce
oh lord
u know i haven't
made love in so long but with you i know it would be just like riding a bike
I'd remember everything I'd ever learned
baby if the kid can't make you come
nobody can
Jerome: Morris
Morris: yea
Jerome: 17
Morris: whats it gonna be baby
Date: chilli sauce
Morris: oh lord
Lyrics submitted by Renee Justice.