Cassie [Acoustic][*]
by Flyleaf

The question asked in order
To save her life or take it
The answer no avoided death
And yes would make it
Do you believe in God
Written on the bullet
Say yes to pull the trigger and my sister Cassie pulled it

They didn't love their live so much
As to shrink from death
Inspired in their footsteps
We will march ahead
Don't be shocked that people die
Be surprised you're still alive

All heads are bowed in silent reverence
The floor is wet with tears of sorrowful remembrance
The altar's filled with hearts of repentance
Perfect love kills all fear
Rejoice in this deliverance

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written by Benson, Howard / Seals, Pat / Mosley, Lacey Nicole / Hartmann, Jared / Culpepper, James / Bhattacharya, Sameer
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Royalty Network, Universal Music Publishing Group