Caribbean Unity
by Black Stalin

[verse 1]
You try with a federation
De whole ting get in confusion
Caricom and then Carifta
But some how ah smelling disaster
Mister West Indian politician
I mean yuh went to big institution
And how come you cyah unite 7 million
When ah West Indian unity, I know is very easy
If you only rap to yuh people and tell dem like me, dem is...
One race (de Caribbean man)
From de same place (de Caribbean man)
Dat make de same trip (de Caribbean man)
On de same ship (de Caribbean man)
So we must push one common intention
Is for a better life in de region
For we woman, and we children
Dat must be de ambition of de Caribbean man
De Caribbean man, de Caribbean man
[verse 2]
You say dat de federation
Was imported quite from England
And you going and form ah Carifta
With ah true West Indian flavour
But when Carifta started running
Morning, noon and night all ah hearing
Is just money speech dem prime minister giving
Well I say no set ah money, could form ah unity
First of all your people need their identity, like...
[verse 3]
Caricom is wasting time
De whole Caribbean gone blind
If we don't know from where we comin'
Then we cyah plan where we goin
Dats why some want to be communist
But then some want to be socialist
And one set ah religion to add to de foolishness
Look ah man who doh know his history
He have bought no unity
How could ah man who do know his roots form his own ideology, like...
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