Can't Take Me Home
by P!nk


Cant take me home to mama
Cause she would think I'm improper
Shoulda thought bout that before you "fucked' with me
Dont say "Im fallin for me"
Dont tell me you adore me
cause all you thinking bout is fuckin me

Verse 1

Why do even talk to me
Baby why your curious
You knew you never had a love like this
My love is serious
Had you delirious
Dont front I found it, in every kiss

You try and play me
I aint your lady
When you just told me that you loved me
and you want me as your baby
Understand me
Cause I know we can be
Just as happy as anybody
Let your love fill me baby


Verse 2

What the hell was on your mind
You thought I had the time
to be your little undercover thang
But see I cant deal with that
So you better just split with that
Come at me real; quit with these silly games

How can you love me
and then just leave
because you see somebody looking
and you think theyd disagree
Well they dont feed you
So why you care boo

Cause the best love you ever had
is right here with you


I dont want no... body else but you
if you keep playing games
Ill make you the fool
Cause is a Pink thang
If your the man who would wanna get with me
O its a Pink thang
Tell you, your mama you just gonna have to see


Cant take me home
You shoulda "fucking" thought about it
Dont say, dont say, no
All you thinking bout
All you thinking bout
How the fuck can you love me
Thinking bout
Cant take me home

You shoulda thought about it
You shoulda thought about it
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