Burnin' Bridges
by Jessie James

spot lights have a funny glow
they can keep ya warm
but they can make ya go crazy,
always gotta be the show
so ya never know
what it's like bein in the crowd...

lately i'm hearin people say
your a run away
and somebody's gotta bring
you back to reality
help you see the things
that ya might've been lookin past


i ain't burnin bridges
i'm tryin to mend them
i apologize
if i ever hurt your feelings
got my own convictions
and i've got to live them
i ain't burnin bridges
that ain't my intintions!!!

aint got nothin to hide
yeah i'm good with god
my souls nekad like water
you and i wouldn't wanna see
the girl i'd be if i would have turned him down

show me so many things
but the best would be
never ever roll over
stand up for what i believe
and eventually
everyone will come back around


always pick sides
to every story
there goes every line
the way that it's burning
i've drowned it all
besides it's clearer in descise

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