Burn It Up [Remix]
by R. Kelly

[R Kelly - Intro]
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhh
Burn it up
Girl make it hot like the roof is on fire
Burn it up
Girl the way you dance you are my one desire
Come on
So hot you're one fire (come on!) [Repeat: x7]

[R Kelly]
When you roll it
I canâ??t control it
And when you throw it
Itâ??s hard to catch it

And when you shake it
I pray you donâ??t break it
And when you drop it
Girl I cannot take it

Something about the way you move (hey!)
Sweat is dripping all over you (hey!)
The way you let the beat take over you (hey!)
Baby donâ??t stop keep it going make it hot (hey)

The way you put your back in motion (mama)
Oh I love you the way you freakinâ?? it (mama)
You got me comin' out of VIP (mama)
'Cause you look like the girl in my dreams (mama)

I step up in the club first thing I see is you freakinâ?? it
Your eyes and body language tells me you want me to hit it
Well I say girl
Back that thing up to me

Closer (ohhhh)
A little closer (work it)
Come on and shake it on me now (work it)
Come on and work it on me now (work it)

Girl it's getting heated now (work it)
It's time to put this club on fire now

Burn it up
Girl make it hot like the roof is on fire
Burn it up
Girl the way you dance you are my one desire
Burn it up
Girl I donâ??t care if the whole place burn down
Burn it up burn it up burn it up

[Chorus â?? Yandel]
Calor, sudor
Bailando reggaeton
Calor, sudor
Sige bailando why no pares
Calor sudor
Bailando reggaeton
Calor sudor
Pide mas quere mas pegate why dale

Siente mi fuego muchacha
Dale waracha
Temble que temble que pa que tiemble la cacha
Crystal why Don Perinon why se emborachan

Me encanta su facha
Le tiro why no se agacha
Rope el suelo, marshmellow
El duo de la historia con are Kelly en un duelo

Bello bello huello
Como la gata con mi reggaeton se suelta el pelo
W, are Kelly, Luny Tunes and Nelly
Yandel pon enfriar el Don Peri

Yo pongo las sacos why las hojas de blue berry
Esta toâ?? ready chula paâ?? q se te suda la cherry
Luny Tunes!


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