Brown Skin Girl [*]
by Chris Brown

Seh wah, well mi waa send out dis one to di man weh name Chris Brown,
Get all a di gal dem from his home town to outta town, ha ha seh wah.
So mi wah see lighters inna di air.
Come ya do ya sexy gal
Weh ya she, mi waa see lighta.
Sexy body gal athem!
Seh wah

Hey you girl you a pretty browning call you a little brown skin.
Hey you gal you makin me sing, sing like ding-a-ling-ling.
You ma brown skin girl, brown skin giiirl, brown skin girl
Call you ma little brown skin.

I see ya, nice to meet ya
What you doin' lata, come closer,
Mek mi hold yu, put mi hand dem all ova
Girl know dat yuh got my heart (yea)
How you move in dem pum-pum shorts
You have everythin' that I want,
My lickle chocolate delight.

How she grinding, tryin' fi keep mi out,
All up in di dance mi seh dats weh mi love.
How she winin' and she back it up all up
Inna di dance dats wat mi know


Now Yolanda and Shevanda dem a try an a get close-aa,
Dem man a goner, no wonda, him a sign us ova-aa.
When mi come inna di place mi seh yo shotta,
So much green caa mi miss di dolla.
When mi see dem gal fi mi a holla
Dem chocolate delight

How she grinding, tryin fi keep mi out,
All up in di dance mi seh dats weh mi looove.
How she wineâ??ing and she back it up all up
Inna di dance dats wat mi know


Gal mi nah go tell you no lie,
Mi a watch yuh whole night,
Waa mek a lickle rope in,
Mi love how you a move up yuh body and yuh shape look tight,
Gal jus keep on winin'.
Well a nuff man a rush yuh
Waa crush yuh, but gal dem nuh right fi yuh
I got tha right timing.
Gi yuh any style yuh require mek yuh temperature hotta,
Mek yuh noe bout sexual healing.
Wan' give it to ya physically and metaphysically,
Listen to mi lyrically,
Gal yuh nuh fi dilly dolly caa mi will mek yuh happy,
Fi yuh eva mek mi sappy,
Fi yuh eva mek tappy mi neva' gi yuh flippy floppy.
Jus hold on gal mi well waa fi tek yuh fi a ride,
How yuh gwaa noe if yuh try.
Yuh have whole heap a man inna yuh ears corner try gi mi fight,
But yuh fi tell dem tek a hike (tek a hike tek a hike)

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