Broadway Baby
by Bernadette Peters

Im just a broadway baby
working off my tired feet
pounding forty-second street
to be in a show

broadway baby
a learning how to sing and dance

a waiting that one big chance
to be in a show

id like to be
on some marquee
all twinkling lights

a spark,
to pierce the dark
from battery park
to washington heights

some day maybe
all my dreams will be re-paid
id even play the maid
to be in a show

a mister producer
im talking to you sir

i dont need a lot
only what i got
plus a tube or greese-paint
and a follow spot

im just a broadway baby
slaving at the 5 and 10
wait fir that great day when ill be ina show

broadway baby
eating at a greese spoon
to save all my dough

wait that one big chance
to be in a show

at my flat theres just my cat
a bed and a chair

still ill stick it till
im working for a nice man like a ziegfield or a wissman
in a great big broadway show!
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