Brighter Dayz [Original Version]
by Chino Grande

(cecy B.) Thinking bout the brighter dayz in my life
and all I ever seem to do is just try
this is for my homies out there worldwide
you know it gets hard hold on to your pride
this is for the homies all in my life
and all the og's thats doin hard time
never seen the il see the sun shine
just think about the brighter dayz in your life...

(verse 1)
(chino grande)... see im the king of the streets
im the one you want to be
bald headed quater sleaves rockin white nikes
been on 10 state tall
by nature im dog 45 in the cut on 23rd and wall
wit my homeboy toro from that west side flats
or slide through B.G. like T from the Brass
stay straped claped I let the bullets relesed
like 41st loks whom rest in pease
and thats a G sucker freak collided no enimies
fox 11 type shit like conejo from harppies
and notorious assasign get out and start blastin
the hoods on my head aint no need to be askin whats crackin
I toss a dub for the varrio
bang the hood wit some sick ass riders carnal
like youngs, big rabbs, twist, troops and the feds, turtle, ghost, big spanks, crook, wuero, left we stay hood


(chino grande)... 100 southsider riders
multiply it by a thousand
in fact were the reason why institutions are crouded
like the homie baby jokes from the varrio 23
and 187 on bench dont come with a pention
and these street are invested till you get arrested
fuck juvinal parks boy we sendin a message
like gloria monelas they speak up for us
and all the blacks got the programs but we the most dangerous
n dobble a-c-p dont exsit for a young M-e-x-i-c-a-n G
homie im'a ride for the cause like face from that 18st ranchopark
or stay hustlin like trust from that pue
and te early street scrappy loco that my primo G
so we stay under the bridge
at least a villans first streets gets down like this
now come on


(verse 3)
so im stay picken cherries like they do in the hills
lil minor from pamona keep your head on the steel them A-R15's
make a snitch blood spill
travie loks whittier rider loko gang for real
I stay servin on the bloke like jas bros bruise
fistin monte flores leave you battle and bruised
or like chukey from florencia he a strait up fool
tattooed on the face is juvinal school
new rules new town like stomps from pico
V-K all day wit a desert eagal
big loo stay jakin on the or longos
wuero snippin everybody wit them westside loko
evil side like me or lil tiny from wimas
creeps quora lil crucket got that midget fingas
like chatam with chinas from them eastside chikos
its chino grande give it up cuz we show no weakness

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