Now, I breathe. Now, I breathe, I can breathe.
Where was I when all the times,
Your shared with him, were filled with laughter.
Put that knife, right into my chest,
I feel your pain, I feel the anguish,
Now, I breathe. Now, I breathe, I can breathe.
Pull it out, raise unto the air,
All you feel, and all you've taken.
Walk away, all your words left,
Stabbing me, with no regret, for now.
I'm breathing out, with all I have.
Breathing words, I'm breathing yours.
Feeling what is left to feel,
Feeling pain, its all the same, but.
Can I breathe? Will I breathe?
Should I breathe? Why should I breathe?
Tearing out, with all I have,
Right out of tears, and out of anger.
Ripping at all your own words,
I'm pretending, that nothing hurts, me.
Now I breathe, Now I breathe, I can breathe.
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written by Flint, Keith Charles / Howlett, Liam / Palmer, Keith Andrew
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., EMI Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group