Born an OG
by Ace Hood

(Ace Hood)
i wake up and got 4 or 5 bitches in the bed
smokin weed, drinkin liquor by the ked
I was born an OG if u aint heard about me
I put 4 or 5 bullets in yo head

Yeh, Luda! As if the gilatene Chopped off my noggin I got my head gone,
got the pedal to the metal and my lambo poppin in the red zone,
speedin like keanan is breathin heavin and breathin hard,
but i roll with killas thats just just dont seem to believe in god,
Theyll whip yo head boy, put yo body in the bottom of the ocean,
meanwhile ludacris is in the MIA with acehood somewhere smokin,
got a pound of the purp and the smell on my shirt so im lookin like roll it up!
I be swimmin in a pool of blood cuz the AK supa soke it up.
.....hahaha nahh fuck that imma come bak wid it lik this
... come bak wid it , hahaha nasty ludacris on the track with it,
got enough ammo to blow u outta proportion and put a mutha fucka on his bak wid it.
Im so wrong, Im so Gudda, Im so dangerous aint I? Im so gone off these sukas but the blamma will bang ya
cuz im a silent aima, the fat lady gotta song to sang u
mean while i stashed all yo bricks in my hung hundred airplane hanga,
Im so high, Im so fly, that is a fuckin shame smokin weed by the bush with that kush, and u so fuckin lame.

( Acehood)
I wake up and got 4 or 5 bitches in the bed
smokin weed, drinkin liquor by the ked,
I was born an OG if u aint heard about me
I put 4 or 5 bullets in ya head.
In ya head nigga. young gudda ace hood homie

(Ace hood)
nd imma ball like a dawg and im never gone fall u can call me jollin baby,
nd im never goin drop top and i cant stop myself from stuntin lately
In a Lamborghini drop top and I can't stop myself from stuntin' lately
And I'm stickin' to the dollars and my motto
you can follow, tell 'em holler, it's "Fuck you, pay me!"
I'll meet those hollows in the back of the Tahoe, they comin' at a spiral, borrow that
And any nigga want to get it, I ain't trippin', I'll send about 50 with a body bag
Zip it up, ship, ship his ass at the bottom of the ocean fast
Then I sit back, laugh, with a pound of that hash, me and Ludacris pass that
You will need a gasmask think you can still bag that

Mmmm haha, Ace Hood, Ace Hood, G's hood homie

And guess who, guess who I'm back with it
Ace Hood motherfucker don't act with it
Ruthless than a motherfucker, tell them other brothers don't try 'cause they know that I'm packin' it
Give me your car, then your keys, then your jeans, then your green
If you sneeze then you comin' up absent
And I roll with a pack of them goons and they only think tools with bodies packed in it
More money I'ma keep on stackin' it
Hundred thousand for the chain, immaculate
New whips I'ma keep plate taggin' it
New swag and a Louis duff bag with it
Ace Hood, that's who, you mad with it
To all you haters and you fake antagonists
I got a hit, what's your name? You can have it!

i wake up nd got 4 or 5 bitches in the bed
smokin weed drinkin liqour by the ked
i was Born An OG if u aint heard about me
i put 4 or 5 bullets in ya head 2x
Lyrics submitted by Anthony.