Booty Wurk T-Pain
by T-Pain

ohh, gotta be cool baby, you know what im sayin?

Jump out your car in the middle of the street
Open up your trunk, let the bass beat.
Go ahead (x2)

You gotta walk up in the club bare footed
I like that booty and you know where to put it,
Go ahead (x2)

Now mama you look so professional
Im followin you, sweatin you
I cant believe im doing what im doing,
What is wrong with my head? Go ahead,

Cuz baby I like how you workin it
Im watching you, you twirkin it
Im tryna get you out of this club
and get you off in my bed
uh-uh uh uh go ahead, yea

Chorus : Now let me see that booty wurk, booty wurk, booty boo - boo booty wurk....booty wurk, booty wurk, booty boo boo booty wurk (Go ahead) Left check right cheek left cheek right cheek (go ahead) left cheek right cheek left cheek x2 Show off , BOOM, (x2) Boss....

Black car, black rims, black shirt, black tims, Leggo!
Come on baby keep on doin watchu doin (x2)
Holy Moly, look at her, she got them boots with the fur, leggo!
come on baby keep on doin watchu doin (x2)

Now mama I can see that thong on you
The DJ played that song for you
Im tryna drive my stick shift all over them curves,
Say word,
If you keep playin with my fitted, we gon get it get it get it
Girl i represent that nappy boy clique so i know that you heard,
Uhh-uh uh uh, say word, nappy boy!!


Girl it must be a crime to be as fine as you,
you know exactly what im tryna do
you see me, im tryna keep it jumpin
Girl i got a chevy with hydrolics and you remindin me of it
Up and down, up and down, girl you know whats happenin,
round of applause, keep that booty clappin.
Them other girls lackin what you packin, and you got them embarrassed by what you got from your parents.
Im tryna see them shorts spread apart, i aint comin up short, kevin hart.

Now take off, come on baby keep on doin watcha doing, come on baby keep on doin watcha doin.
Move ya feet, cutta rug, put ya hands up if you the baddest in the club (HAH)
now take off, come on baby keep on doin watcha doing, (uh-uh uh uh)
Girl im tryna getcha next to me but first you gotta let me see that...... (CHORUS)

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