Boosie II (Don't Forget It)
by Lil' Boosie

boosie boo nigga
and i be like the best nigga at this shit right now
word 4 word
life story 4 life story
im the truth

(Verse 1)

We started off in the back yard
im that boy
hate to lose, if i lose, you can get blues
im that hard
life start from a bad memory
daddy love drugs
cant take this from him
we love thugs
went from neighborhood jackers
to neighborhood stackers
i-10 riders
to 1-10 trappers
imagine us in the bottom on that PCP
walking to school with a tool
who wannt beef with me???
got addicted to selling drugs
marijuana and coke
mama she washed her hands
and let me go
the rest you know
aint gotta explain, im been a man
since i went got my own
now they look at me grown
posted up behind the same ol'
on whyonme street
big sacks, big straps
and some artirary
all the lil niggas
got big niggas
like jr and meek
all the old niggas, showed us ropes
like depicture and beet


U dont know my struggle(You dont know me man)
so u cant feel my hustle (You dont know what i been through)(x4)

the hard times
me and you gettin bitched
got a dime bag
but we couldnt buy the philly
walkin into the weiner despenser
we was short on the special
so we got drunk
snatchin purses... man its wateva
old niggas try to showstop
we baller block fuck it
got a big knot, now im stuntin
wit a big ugly something
on my waistline
bouncin through the southside
back then its was was straight gen
and dickies, and cow eyes
and u aint from our side
we bustin at you thats the rule
we use to be deep
now we down to just a few
man im talkin bout dem lonely nights
me and my homie on the flight
peekin through hoes windows
robbing niggas for indo
running with nothing but hardheads
like 5thing and kevin
going to clubs yelling.. hollin
cause im out here
look like my luck fucked up
and i lost a lot uv niggas
so my trust fucked up mane

Repeat (Chorus) (x4)

U dont know what i been through nigga
smoking dis purp
loc u better tell em
meek you better telll him
baron you better tell him....
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