He had it hard coming up on the streets
Lost and alone with no father to teach
Looking for love from a family he didn’t have
He thought he found what he need from the g’s ||
It was the day when his whole life changed
Now he repped the hood with the neighborhood gang
Bald head, white tee, and his cackys creased
Around his neck he let the blue rag speak

He was a good boy growing up rough
In a neighborhood full of drugs
A youngster without no father figure
Just little kids with loaded triggers
His side of the track full of crack
And the blue bandanna was the rag
Sureno tryina make a living
Where some haters took a shot at these children
Leaving a school friend just to die
Not from a gang but they’re just walking by
Crowded junior high days in pain
From an A student skipping out to eighth grade
Lost and confused because his friend wore blue
So he realized he had to roll with the crew
Getting jumped in just changed his path
Walking with a blue bandana and some creased up pants


Ditching high school chill in the park
Smoking on a flajo looking hard
Victim of the ghetto but the kids got anger
Blue rag around his neck a young gangbanger
Laughing at the naughticles as they pass by
Committed the hood full of pride
And a blue pano is what he carries daily
Never leaves home without it like his 380
Maybe on his way but he’s out late
Hanging with the homies everyday
Getting paid off cluckers and highs
With the blue Nikes doing a slash
Sitting at the corner representing to the fullest
Blue bandana off his shoulder as he cleans his bullets
Off to the next victim on the streets
Wear the wrong colors he’s gonna creep

It was to wrong but to him he was living right (living right)
In his heart blue rag became his life

1st part of Chorus:

His baby turns five as he’s looking for a job
Trying all kinds of work whatever the cost
Under the table whatever takes to feed his kids
Baby mama’s tweaking and it’s making him sick
So he gets his pass to make his new vida
Trying to do right because the baby needs him
Trying to give him a childhood he never had
Changing his ways but never the blue rag
Off to his job one early morning
Meeting up with the workers while he’s yawning
Eating some breakfast with his compas and partners
When a call rolls up with five vatos
Yelling out to this other kid across the block
Talking shit because the kid had a blue top
His heart dropped as he dropped his food
Pulled out his cuete and started loading for the blue


That’s how it goes down, now the homies doing 25 to life. Know what they say you are what you do, and once you’re in it you’re in it for life. This goes out to all the lil youngsters out there, don’t bite what you can’t chew…and that’s true. Because there aint that many lucky people like me to tell you their stories ese. There’s no turning back
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