Hey I think you got my number when
I was out with my brother you said
"hi" and I think I liked you

Oh we talked 'bout maybe gettin'
Together a rain-check on the weather
Cloudy skies and I had to get home

Oh those eyes I thought
You were a really nice guy
I thought you were just my type
But I forgot your name

I'm a blonde so excuse me
I'm a blonde I get crazy
And everyone knows we're a little more fun
I like to play it up like I'm dumb da dumb
dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb
'Cause I'm a blonde

Hey, I'm not a college grad ya
there are some books I haven't read yet
But I can quote a little bit of Shakespeare
In my sleep

But there have been those times when
I've clearly forgotten how to spell
words like R-E-E-D-I-N-G
Me, me myself and I try really hard
To get by with simple little things


oh oh oh oh oh (I'm a blonde)x3

Baby if I cared enough to dye my hair
Maybe you'd take me serious
Baby I could try to change up their mind
So the take me serious
oh oh oh oh oh oh
'Cause everyone knows that
I'm not dumb da dumb dumb dumb
Lyrics submitted by Sabrina Reyes.