Blame It on Me
by Chrisette Michele

Sometimes you can work it out
Sometimes you cant
Sometimes you're forced to watch everything fall apart
It's out of your hands
Sometimes leavin' is easy
Sometimes it ain't
Sometimes it hurts to know the love that you have is slowly fading away

You can say what ever you like...
as long as we just say "Good-bye"

Blame it on me,
say its my fault
say that I left you outside, in the cold, with a broken heart
I really don't care, i ain't cryin' no more
say I'm a liar, a cheater, say anything that you want...
as long as it's over

But I aint a quiter
I just ain't the type
I try to see it through
I try to make it to the finishing line
You thought it was meant to be
I admit so did I
but every once in awhile,you think you've figured it out
sometimes your not right

{Bridge 1x:}
[Chores 1x:]

Yes, I love you but I really got to lose you
Freedom's where I want to be
Yes, I probably will always love you but I'm moving
I gotta do this for me!!!

[Chores one more time]
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