Better Believe It
by Lil' Boosie

Success roles up on ya without a warrant... but it looks the same for everybody... It has eyes, ears, and a jealous streak... Mistake it for anything else and you'll be sorry...
You better believe it, you better believe it, you better believe it
My money dont fold im gettin this doe
You better believe it, you better believe it, you better believe it
Always stay true, stick to the G code
You better believe it
Ima stay on the grind, gettin mine like I been befoe
Ima still do me, be the same ol G holdin it down fa the hood
Ima rep my block in every city, every town, every where I go
Thats if you didnt know.

Ladies and gentlemen its Boosie Boo.
King of Louisiana i been the truth.
If you dont know better ask somebody.
I am the show and the after party.

Im stacking doe, i aint gotta sell crack no mo, im still on my grind.
Got a lot of kids at home, gotta git it on late night to the early morning.
Fifty grand in my pants like Ivise Smith, give back to the hood like Nino Brown.
Neck kinda freezy, boy believe me, you can playa hate but take it easy.

We got the streets, me and jeezy
Learned from the game how to stack the breeze
Got love from the hood,
So its all good, we both gone eat me and jeezy

Ridin on the highway, zoom-zoom,
Four five on the side of me boom boom
Bad chick on the side of me, she roller coaster ride me
In the project's, where you find me
I got the hood behind me

My records selling out the stores now
My money dont fold now
You best believe it they feeling me, from Alaska to Tennesse
From the east to the west coast, I smoke on the best smoke
We pushin Lambos, Fanims,and Bentley Coops now
People holin out the window, Aye Boosie you got the juice now.


Stack brick on top of brick,
Yea i made my foundation then i built my house,
It was mixtape afta mixtape next thang you know i waz running da south,

Streets introduce me into da trap dat waznt enough i wanted da world,
Datz bout da time my album drop next thing you know i waz world
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