by Lil' Boosie

Afta all the fuckin shit we done been thru
all da pussy niggaz we done tend to
bt it done mean nun when a nigga money low
niogga a shoot ya in y aback and cutcha fuckin throat like rich and ale folk
now its hard for me to trust somebody
family neitha theyll steal if they know ya got it
mane it seem like the mo luv ya show a nigga
when he fall off you be like damn did i know dis nigga
im glad i rap cuz dees days they testify
nigga aint catch lou wit nun and he got 25
jus cuz he say he gone ride done mean he love you dog
its Cane and Able again forgive us Father God

But Father God I been betrayed
feel like they beat me like a slave
but i learned from my mistakes
we liven in the last days pray for me and make me cold hearted

Dey critisize me huh
they talk about me bad
aint nobody want sign me
i had to show my ass
if i love ya it aint no question ill give my last
one day dis heart gone get me zipped up in a body bag
what about ya first love
she played it cold dint it
made a nigga shed a tear and she changed a nigga
so we fuck em and dump em
neva trust em or love em
no need for friends fuck friends friends turn into bustaz
mama gone tell yu when dat nigga aint right
mama know because she pray every night
i done washed my hands wit all dis pussy shit
niggaz be hatin but Boosie Boo he hood rich
on top of dat ima scorpio so im unforgivable
first time yu fuck wit me dog i let dem killaz go
im down and dirty cuz a nigga hurt me
G was pose to be dead but i let em slide cuz he aint worth it

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