Bethlehem Morning
by Donald Lawrence

Lead Verse:
Lift up your hands, no need to mourn
His hand is stretched out still
For unto us a child is born, His promise to fulfill
Jerusalem, He cried for you
He did not come to you in vain
His loving arms are opened wide for you
And He will come, He will come again

Bethlehem morning is more than just a memory
For a child that was born there
Has come to set us free
Bethlehem sunrise
I can see it in your eyes
For the child that was born there
His spirit never dies

Peace on earth, good will toward men
His star will never grow dim
And it’s a brand new dawn
A New Jerusalem
And we will reign with him

(Repeat Chorus as directed)

For a child that was born there
He’s the King of Kings, And the Lord of Lords
And He will come again
Lyrics submitted by Christopher.