Betcha Never Had
by J. Holiday

(verse 1)
body like a motherf******(damn baby you)
ridin like a vince trucker(hold up what you say)
ill be pleasin you, you'll be pleasin me
promise me you'll stay here and never leave me
but hold up let me say somethin(pretty mama bae)
why am i goinna tell u somethin(that i dont mean)
cause in the heat of the moment(givin you the biz)
before i came to the house an told you to throw me a catch of feelings

i can tell you aint never had
a nigga this young put it on you
askin why i wont stay the night an hold you
i can tell you aint ever had,really had,had it
tell you aint never had
a young nigga take the cat from you
sayin i cant stay got somthin else to tend to
i can tell you aint never had,really had,had it

(verse 2)
now why you gotta make this a situation
like the kid who decided he wanted to get in but insted he agreed that there wouldnt be no static
yes ill promise to heat it up
take it down south girl an eat it up
(never agreed to have chains on me)when its time to leave

(chorus 1x)

damn i cant lie
you got skills bae
you want us to be close
but im just not ready to let go
fill free to lay my head where i feel like
girl i told you once before so jus(can you understand)

(chorus 1x)
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