by Barbie

Hidden beneath the ground
is the spring that feeds the creek.
Invisible as the wind
that you feel upon your cheek.

Refrain I:
And every breeze that whispers
reminds us constantly.
Sometimes what's real
is something you can't see.

Believe... in all that can be
a miracle starts whenever you dream.
Believe... and sing from your heart you'll see
your song will hold the key.

Waiting behind the clouds
is the sky that's always clear.
And chasing away the doubts
you watched the sun appears.

Refrain II:
And shining to remind you
as each new day begins.
There's always hope
if you just let it in.

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You can paint the stars.
You can touch the sky.
Spread your wings and
discover you can fly.
You won't know 'till you try...

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oh... oh... oh...

Chorus II:
Believe in dream what can be
ask your heart and you will receive.
Believe... the beauty is yours to see...
Your song will hold the key...

hooo.. hoooh..

Believe... believe... when you
believe... oh... oh... oh... (fades)
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