by Madcon

{Tshave Baqwa}
put yo lovin' hand out
baby, I'm beggin'

[Chorus{Tshawe Baqwa}]
beggin,' beggin' you
put yo lovin' hand out, baby
beggin,' beggin' you
put yo lovin' hand out, darling

{Tshawe Baqwa}
Ridin' high
when I was king,
played it hard and fast, cuz I had every thing.
walked way, won me then
Easy comin' easy going, it would end.

{Yosef Wolde-Mariam}
So why anytime I bleed you let me go.
Anytime I feed you get me, no.
Anytime I seek you let me know
But I plan and see just let me go.
I'm on my knees while I'm (beggin).
Cuz I don't wanna lose (you).
I got my arms so spread,
I hope that my heart gets fed, matter fact I'm beggin' you, baby.

[Chorus{Tshawe Baqwa}]

{Tshave Baqwa}
I need you, to understand.
Tried so hard, to be your man.
The kind o' man you want in the end.(Oooh)
Then can I begin to live again.

An empty shell, I used to be.
The shadow of my life was hangin' over me.
A broken man, that I don't know.
Won't even stand the devils chance,
to win my soul.

{Yosef Wold-Mariam}
What we doing? What we chasin'?
Why the bottom? Why the basement?
Why we got good shit? Don't embrace.
Why you feel for the need to replace it?
Your on the wrong-way track from the good.
I want to paint in a picture were could be at.
Like a heart in the best way should.
You can give it away, you had it till you took it back.
But I keep walkin' on, keep open doors.
Keep hopin' for that the door is yours.
keep also home, cause I don't wanna live in a broken home.
Girl, I'm beggin' you

[Chorus{Tshawe Baqwa}]

{Yosef Wolde-Mariam}
I find it hard to hold my hope.(hold my hope)
just can't make it, here all alone.(all alone)
I'm holdin' on, I can't fall back.
I'm just to calm, to fade to black.

[Chorus {Tshawe Baqwa}]

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