Beat Build
by T-Pain

Put your hands up....put your hands up...I cant hear you...Common!

Get the party going, shake them tittys bounce that baby.
Throw your hood up everybody go crazy. If they shut it down he wont be a happy dude.
Cuz when the party stop freaknik turn manitc fool and these faggot dudes they can stomp all of yall,
So tare this bitch up and blame it on the achohol. So put some fire on the ass end of that weed.
And let your trunk bounce Till your disturbing the peace
Let off fire in the sky if you packing your heat, For freaknik we gonna cause rucus in the city streets
Matta fact somebody gonna have to call the police, Tell em im right here on the stage if they looking for me!

My faith and my flow, I did it for us, walking to school by catching the bus.
My parents say, its cuz im so good, sweet tea mob, we up to no good.
I pop the ice cream, I pop the hot sasha, I pop potato chips, But now its red lobster
Me and all my partners, We did it real big, I spent 200 dollars, we did it real big
Im talking freaknik, I pop my first bottle, I met my first groupie that nasty top model.
Its big uzi, I got a big uzi, well not a big Uzi, I got a love uzi
I want a big name, i wanna big chain, Put my face on it, they think im insane.
But we rule the world, we came a long way, I though we'd never make it, man we came a long way

People going for you and you and you
I can hear your voice come through and through and through
They dont want us to do what we do do do
That's why we do it (6x)
I'mma keep on going for you and you and you
That's why we do it (6x)
Lyrics submitted by Ben.