Baptize Me Jesus
by Timothy Spell

Chorus: Baptize me Jesus, with the Holy Ghost
I shall have power, your word says so
Satan is busy, trying to turn me around
But I’m determined, to stand my ground
But I can’t do it, I can’t do it
Baptize me with the Holy Ghost

Verse 1: On the day of Pentecost
They were all in one accord
They were filled with expectation
Waiting for the promise of the lord
All of the sudden the Holy Ghost came
Like a rushing mighty wind
And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost
So was the room they were sitting in

Verse 2: The people who were standing on the outside
Were surprised by what was being done
They marveled and said to one another
Look, they’re all speaking in another tongue
Peter got up and started preaching
He said repent and be baptized
He told everybody
Do it in the name of Jesus Christ

Bridge: 1: Baptize me Jesus with the Holy Ghost (repeat)

2: I shall have power (repeat)

3: Hang in there, hang in there
Don’t you dare give up
Lyrics submitted by Kevin.