by Lloyd

Rap: 2 cha
Bang! Bang! Switches lanes like a drive-by
I am so fly man I might as well sky-dive
Black girls, White lies
You know that ain't yo damn sister
every time you on that liquor
all you do is damn lick her
Pick of the litter
man I'm doggin' that kitten are kiddin man?
like a hero it's gone be horrific
I like my girls specific
that's petite with a big purse
and some tattoos and a hairdo imma whip it till my wrist hurt
imma get it till the desert (wow) eat her out like dessert (huh)
heard that you been a bad bitch I did my research

Girl. you know it. You sexy. Love how you show it.
Yeah you bad. Explosive. Go tell them bloggers that they can quote me.
You've got that bomb bomb
Booty clappin the thunder storm.
Girl you know you t-turn me on really?
You go hom hom in them kamas on
i think you got it all from ya mom
please correct me girl if i'm wrong
Easy, yo booty

And how you drop it just makes me wanna beat it up
Slow it down then speed it up up
(Yo body BANG!!!!)
See that bubble but mixed with whats up in my cup
makes me want you in this club club
(Yo Body BANG!!!)
(Yo Body BANG!!!!)

Shawty call me chef boyardee
how i be cookin'
the way i whip
up in the kitchen
my recipe for love
that's what you came for
if it get too hot don't worry
shawty i can cool off
down down d-d-d-down
every time ya c-come around
I can tell you'll l-love me now
Really? Foreally?
Everyday girl and anyhow
anyway girl i need you now
no delay girl you should just come see me, see me (Oh)


Uh uh my body BANG!!!!
I make them doggies bark (Bark)
Keep it soldier "arf" march
when i drop this pretty little thang!
I tear it up like Beat It
This booty poppin' slap it
I bet you'll fall in love with
anythang anythang th-th-th-th-thang-ang
be ma dirty boy (boy)
lets play naughty ga-a-a-ames
Rock paper scissors
imma give you shivers
giddy up horsey imma show you how i ride it trigger
uh oh oh daddy
i see you want my body
so keep biting your lips while I BANG!!!!

repeat chorus till end.
Lyrics submitted by Lee.