Bang Bang Bang
by Lil Wayne

[x2] Shootin til my muthafukin hand fall off
You're track stars
A gunshot ran yall off
I pop lyk a soda watch a can fall off
I can kill yall
And yall ma

[Verse 1]
Shotguns handguns louder than a band drum
You fukin wit a drum major let me play you the anthem
Bang bang bang bang, call that heavy metal
I say bang bang bitch, I make you feel every letter
B-a-n-g b-a-n-g g-a-n-g, we spray then leave
We play when we, no, we play n-e-v-e-r, CPR
Dr. Carter are you the disease boy
Young Money muthafuka these these boys
Bitch is you crazy, we's retards
Watch Nena Mac and Tommy hav a brief minage

[Verse 2]
Soulja Boy on the beat, but you can call me Chef Boyarde
Cause i'ma heat this shit, and i'ma eat this shit
Planet Earth in my toilet, you're beneath this shit
Then i flush and wipe my ass, gun slinger lyk a pass
I cock bak and throw a bomb, now hail mary
Your tell fairy, fairy tell very frail
And yea we got them hammers, tryna hit every nail
Lettem sail up the river wit that hoe, shit
Or leave em face down in the fukin ocean
I aint on no other shit, bitch i'm on summoe shit
That hello, how ya doin, i am at ya front door shit
That ahw naw, he gotta gun, oh shit
Shit, shit

[Verse 3]
OK, its Young Money wat you kno about it
This semi-auto will rip open ya body until the soul out it
And all that fontin shit, nigga ion kno bout it
Call me Master J, bitch, i'm so bout it
Even my hoe bout it, and don doubt it
Cause we both will be Angelina and Brad-ing
Spazzin and blastin, blastin and rat-a-tattin
And naw ion cook, but lyk potatoes i'll mash em
I don giv a fuk about your money or your fashion
Shots thru the window of yo brand new Aston
You get out try to run, now your chest where them bullets crashin
Pine box niggas, no crutches no casts and no wheelchair
Just a two door long black wagon
Flowers on the side and four wheels to steer
I aint never scared and i aint never care
So fuk wat they doin over there, i'm doin me here
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