Bang Bang Bang
by Christina Perri

All my life you know I haven't been very love strong
There's been so many fights that I fought and I've never won
So I decided that I should just give up on trying to right your wrongs
And word on the street is that she did to you what you did to me
Five, four, three, two, one...

Bang, bang, bang, boy, you're going down, down, down, boy
To the ground where you left my heart to bleed
Bang, she shot you, Karma tastes so sweet

So unfortunately, for girls like me, there are more like you
Bending and breaking the rules, and we're making exceptions too
But how does it feel? To swim in your own tears?
You lied and you lied and, I died and I died, and now you know why
Five, four, three, two, one...

(Chorus x5)
Lyrics submitted by Brianne.