Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault
by Jawbreaker

I went to a party last night
I think I saw
Makeout sessions, Bicycle messages, Pumps and High school dropouts
I ran into a guy I knew haven't seen in years
Went into the neon kitchen to stole a couple of beers
He said his girlfriend dumped him
She went out with a another guy
He said he still likes her
Though all I can say was
All I can say was
Why, Why, Oh Why, Oh Why
Why are you always like this
When we to met her or to these guys
He couldve went to breakfast
He ran into the living room
To assemble the class he made in
Instead he could have fell in shade
Under every dreadmill
Anyway that she said
Totally kissing this guy
Let him go I would like them in love
Then I remember my friend
She said How could you do this
She said you should needed your space
He said he shouldve that i gave you
Then she said, Then she said
Why, Why, Oh Why, Oh Why
Why are you always like this
If I hadn't have breaking my heart
Then said that it could happen
The she couldn't shut up
Lyrics submitted by Jeffrey.