Hey slim gimme that
Hey check this out,
Hey hey,

Huh uh, wait,
Lemme tell you somethin' about it
You ain't got a Bronco,
A BMW, a band, a big bank

Ahh, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it
Another B-Girl.
I think it's about time
We gonna tell Slim about ourselves.
Believe that.

Now let's bring up the subject
We were brought to mind
Let me discuss the B-Girls
'Cause they're one-of-a-kind

Now you can find a new style
Wherever you go
Put 'em in your black BMW
Or your blue Bronco

Now as long as you ride
Everything is chill
With the a/c pushin'
In your automobile

You call yourself a lady
'B' Girl is your name
And if you don't know what 'B' means
Let us explain.

'B' stands for
Broncos, Benz, BMW, bass
bangles and a pair o' bars
When you see us pullin' up down the ave
You'll act like we are stars
We're not tryin' to make a joke
We're just tryin' to make it known
That people in the world
That we call B-Girls
Like bars on a Cadillac Brougham

Now (?) and I believed
That we had to rehearse
Another rhyme on the line
[Of the second VERSE]

About a girl in the city
Her name is Judy
Had breasts like Dolly
With a big ole booty

Well she was dressed to the T
And everything was in place
She was my girl for two years
And we?
Known as the?
When I took her to a date
She was frontin' about my Nova
And she wanted a bangle

She said, :We need a Benz" all of sudden
I paused...
Who did Judy think I was?
Santa Claus?
You call yourself Judy?
'B' Girl is your name
And if you don't know what 'B' means
Let us explain.

[Repeat CHORUS]

Now I was pushin' on my rim
With no context
It wasn't BMW
It was BMX
When I seen a young lady
Comin' down the ave
And I knew from the moment
She's the girl I had

So I slammed on the brake
And I asked her name
She said, My name is Janet
But my friends call me Jane

I said, Well Jane i'll ask you this...
Can we be friends?
She said, "Yes,
If you can change a BMX to a Benz."
You call yourself Jane?
'B' Girl is your name
And if you don't know what 'B' means
Let us explain

[Repeat CHORUS]

Now me and Slim was at the beach
With a couple of friends
I parked my Nova by a Bronco
And a baby blue Benz
And passed some bottles around
and I said, "Ray look here!"
Already drunk from an overdose
Of malt liquor beer

She turned around
And had a nice figgah
She said, "Can't you see me walkin' wit my nigga?"
I say "So? he's a punk."
She said, "I know he's a punk though
But you in a Nova
And he's in a Bronco!"

She came in my face
She kept yakkity yakkin'
That's when I popped the trunk
and put the clip in the mack ten
I'm tired o' you B-Girls
yeah that's your name
And if you don't know what 'B' means
Let us explain

[Repeat CHORUS]

bars on a Cadillac Brougham
bars on a Cadillac Brougham
baaaars....on a Cadillac.... Bro-o-o-o oughm

Cadillac Brougham
Cadillac Brougham
Cadillac Brougham
Cadillay-e-ay-e-ay-e-ac Brougham
ha ha
Cadillac Brougham
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