As Long as You're There
by Glee Cast

All my life
I've waited for the right
Moment to let you know
I don't wanna let you go

But now i realize
There's just no perfect time
To confess how you feel
This much I know is real

*So I refuse to waste
one more second without you
knowing my heart

Baby cause i don't need
anything else but your love
Nothing but you means
a thing to me I'm incomplete
When you're not there
Holding me, touching me
I swear all of the rest
could just disappear
And i wouldn't even care
As long as you're there

Take these words
Don't let them go unheard
This is my reaching out
I hope you can hear me now

Cause baby my heart says stay
Take it, it's your's to break
I'd rather try and lose
Than keep this love from you, yeah

(Repeat *)
(Repeat Chorus)

Each day and night
That I kept this as a secret
It killed me, It's time
to share what I feel inside
(Repeat Chorus)
As long as You're There......
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