Anything Less Than Love
by Keane

Try imagining my surprise,
Seeing you right before my eyes
Yeah, I've thought about you.
Yeah, I've talked about you.
Yeah, I've dreamed about you, every night.
You look good and you know it.
But baby you‘re a little late, for your old position.
I can‘t hassle like I‘ve hassled before,
You've got to get it straight,
You‘re back on condition
Anything less than love
Won‘t do.
Anything less than love,
Anything less than love
And baby we‘re through.
I loved you more than anyone,
You‘d play your game and then you'd run.
First, I cried without you.
Then I died without you.
Then I lived without you, pretty good.
Tell me now all or nothing.
Baby there ain't no between, you will only lose me.
I been twisted, now the tables are turned,
And baby it‘s my scene lady,
You can‘t use me!
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