by Cherish

ooh Yeah Yea
Really wish i could!

If only someone could unbreak my heart
Come releave my pain
If somehow i could wish upon a star
And make all the memories go away

But my mind jus keep on going back
And i cant help but think about
That guy thats gone make me miss out on u
And i cant help but remember bout
That sad day in september
That day he took my heart with him when he left


See eventually i would get through this
But right now it seems my hearts in the way
I apologize for the way that i treat you
But i gotta leave ya
Unless some how i come across the case of

(To forget to forget to forget the heartache)
(To forget to forget to forget the pain)
(It'll make it'll make it'll make me better)

Oh oh oh oh oh oh

I tried to leave the past behind me
But it just hurt so bad (oh)
And i told myself please dont cry
Let it go and let the past be the past



Everytime you get closer to me
Im falling back
Cause i cant go down this road again
Memories wont go away
Constantly in control of my life
I dont wanna erase it and forget about it all
(oh yeah)

Lyrics submitted by Ranika.