Ambitions Az a Ridah [DVD]
by 2Pac

i wont diny it im a straight ridah
you dont wont to fuck with me
got the police bustin at me
but thet cant do nuttin to a G
[lets get ready to ruuumblllle!!!]

you dont want to fuck with me
got the police bustin at me

[tupac talks in background]
but they cant do nuttin to a G

[tupac continues to talk soflty]
i wont deny it,im a straight ridah

[tupac continues to talk soflty in the background]
you dont want to fuck with me
got the police bustin at me

my ambitions as a ridah [ridah,ridah,ridah]
my ambitions as a ridah[ridah,ridah,ridah]

so many battlefield scars
while driven in plush cars
this life as a rap star
nothin without heart

was born rough and rugged

addressinthe mad public
my attitude was,"fuck it,"
cause motherfuckers love it

to be a solider,must
maintain composure at ease
though life is complicated
only what you make it to be

uhh,and myambitions as as
rider to catch her
while she hot,and horny,
go up inside her

then i spit some game
in her ear,"go to the telo hoe"

eguipped with money and a
benz,cause bitch im barely broke

i'm smokin bomb-ass weed
feelin crucil

from player to player,the
game's tight,the feelings

from huslin to prayin
to breakin motherfuckers
to pay up
i got no time for these
bitches,cause those hoes
tried to play us

im on a meal-ticket
mission,want a mil', so im wishin

competition gotm e ripped,
on that bullshit they stressin

i'ma rhyme though,clown
hoes like its manditory

no guts, no glory my nigga
bitch got the game distortied

now its on and its on
because i said so

can't trust a bitch in the
bindness so i got the death row

now these money hungry
bitches gittin suspicious

started plottin and plannin on schemes,
to come and trick us

but thug niggaz be on the point
and game tight

me,syke and bogart, wrap
it up the same night

got problems then handel
it,motherfuckers see me

these niggaz is jealous
cause deep in they heart
thet wanna be me

uhh,yeah,and now ya got
me right beside ya

to my ambitions as a ridah
[i wont deny it im a straight ridah]

you dont wanna fuck with me

my ambitions as a ridah
[got the police bustin at me]

but they can't do nuttin to a G

im a straight ridah

it was my only wish to rise

above these jealous coward
motherfuckers i despise

when its time to ride,i was
the first on this side,give
me the nine

im ready to die right here,
tonight and motherfuckers they life

thats what they screamin
as they drill me,but its hard to kill me

so open fire, i see you kill
me, witness my stell

spittin at adversaries
envious and aftar me

i'd rather die before they
capture me,watch me bleed
mama come to rescue me im
suicidal thinkin thoughts

im innocent, so there'll be
bullets flying when im caught

fuck doin jail time,betterday,sacrefice

wont get a chance to do me like
they did my nigga tyson

thuggin for life,and if you right
the nigga die for it

let them other brothers try,
at least you tried for it

when its mine to die to be a
man you pick the way you leave

fuck peace and the police
and my ambitionsa as a rider

i wont deny it im a sraight rider
you dont wanna fuck with me

my ambitions as a ridah
gothe police bustin at me

but they cant do nuttin to a G

my murderous lyrics equipped
with spirts of thugs before me

pay of the block evade the cops
cause i know they comin for me

*i been hesitated to reappear,
been away for years
Lyrics submitted by sydney.