Altogether Lovely
by The McKameys

Verse 1
I'd like you to meet, someone precious to me
He's my friend, He's my anchor
He'll never forsake
He did something very special on Calvary's hill
He died in my place so that I might live.

Lovely, lovely, He's altogether lovely
The beautiful Rose of Sharon
The Lily among the thorns
He's the fairest of ten thousand
He's my bright morning star
He's my friend, He's my Savior
He is Jesus my Lord

Verse 2
I can see Him hanging yonder
On Calvary's tree
Wounded and bleeding, He was bruised just for me.
He was buried and on the third day, He left from that old tomb
He ascended into Heaven
And He's coming back soon.

Repeat Chorus twice

He's my friend, He's my Savior, He is Jesus my Lord
Lyrics submitted by Sarah Johnson.