(All Together Now) Let's Fall Apart
by Ronnie Milsap

All together now let's fall apart

Lips, are you ready to tremble
Hands, are you ready to shake
Eyes, get ready to cry
Heart, get ready to break

Here she comes, she's gettin' closer
Is everyone ready to start?
Altogether now let's fall apart

Nerves, you'll be going to pieces
Tears, you'll run down my face
Head, you'll be spinning around
It's time every one take your place

We're all in this thing together
My body, my mind and my heart
Altogether now let's fall apart

I couldn't keep her from leaving
Though I tried, oh, Lord, how I tried
But she fell in love with somebody new
I guess that's him by her side

Here she comes now, she's gettin' closer
Does everyone remember your part
Altogether now let's fall apart
Altogether now let's fall apart
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written by KOONSE, JOHN J.
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