All I Wanna Do
by Heidi Newfield

Lay your gentle hands
Softly on my skin
Baby make sweet love to me
Don't let this moment end

I wanna taste your kiss
Hear you whisper in my ear
Help me make this feelin'
Last a thousand years

I wanna get so lost
In your eyes I'll fall into
Don't you know that lovin' you
Is all I wanna do

Turn the lights down low
And I'll pour the wine
I'll surrender to you
Just take this heart of mine

Take me to a place
I've never been before
Won't you lay me slowly down
I couldn't want you more

[Chorus: x2]

And forever loving you
Is all I wanna do
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written by Anderson, Keith A / Robson, Stephen Paul / Steele, Jeffrey
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, DO WRITE MUSIC LLC